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Glass Jar Bead Containers, with Wood Tampions and Random Color Shell, Mixed Color, 47x80mm,(G-JB00002)

  • Glass Jar Bead Containers G-JB00002 30%
  • Glass Jar Bead Containers G-JB00002 30%

US $16.58 / 10 pcs

US $11.60 / 10 pcs

Packages Size:

10 pcs per package

Weight: 528(g) Ready Time: 3 Days


Please Note: Due to stock variety, color or shape of mixed products may vary from photo sample shown on our website.

Image may look different (color) due to many monitor or device resolutions.


Material Glass
Color Multicolor
Shape Bottle
Usage Beads Containers
Packages Size 10 pcs per package


  • Glass Jar Bead Containers, with Wood Tampions and Random Color Shell, Mixed Color

    Size: about 47mm wide, 80mm high; bottle: 62x47mm.

  • Priced per 10 pcs
  • Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

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