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Acrylic Strawberry Shank Buttons, 1-Hole, Dyed, White, 25x22x6mm, Hole: 3x2mm,(X-BUTT-E021-B-07)

  • Acrylic Strawberry Shank Buttons X-BUTT-E021-B-07 89%
  • Acrylic Strawberry Shank Buttons X-BUTT-E021-B-07 89%

US $6.84 / 100 pcs

US $0.75 / 100 pcs

Packages Size:

200 pcs per package 100 pcs per package

Weight: 193(g) Ready Time: 3 Days


Image may look different (color) due to many monitor or device resolutions.


Material Acrylic
Color White
Shape Fruit
Usage Button
Packages Size 100 pcs per package


  • Acrylic Strawberry Shank Buttons, 1-Hole, Dyed, White

    Size: about 22mm wide, 25mm long, 6mm thick, hole: 3x2mm.

    Button, as a sewing material, with important sew usage in the clothing, but also all kinds of ornaments decorate. Its usage is changing to be a part of fashionable decorated items that provide a further beauty to the outfits, bags, etc.

  • Priced per 100 pcs
  • Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

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