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Acrylic Shank Buttons, 1-Hole, Dyed, Cherry, Yellow & DarkGreen, 16x16x4mm, Hole: 3mm,(X-BUTT-E043-10)

  • Acrylic Shank Buttons X-BUTT-E043-10 89%
  • Acrylic Shank Buttons X-BUTT-E043-10 89%

US $3.13 / 100 pcs

US $0.34 / 100 pcs

Packages Size:

200 pcs per package 100 pcs per package

Weight: 74(g) Ready Time: 3 Days


Image may look different (color) due to many monitor or device resolutions.


Material Acrylic
Color Yellow
Shape Fruit
Usage Button
Packages Size 100 pcs per package


  • Acrylic Shank Buttons, 1-Hole, Dyed, Cherry, Yellow & DarkGreen

    Size: about 16mm wide, 16mm long, 4mm thick, hole: 3mm.

    These acrylic buttons are very light-weight and this is a nice advantage for design. Besides, everyone will not reject the beautiful shapes so try to add them into your clothes. We believe, such pretty buttons must let your design become more charming. Due to the buttons are dyed, the color may vary slightly.

  • Priced per 100 pcs
  • Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

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